I like to work in a way that gently goes into the foundations of a pattern, so that there can be gradual progress that actually sticks. This can mean taking time to work with the body’s boundary system, working gently from the body’s periphery, or sitting with attunement and waiting for the client to arrive on their own terms into what work is wanting to happen. As good foundations begin to be set, the body’s innate intelligence is able to dictate pace, rhythm and what is wanting to reorganize. I am trained in working with various levels of the body (nervous system, energetic, fluid, bone, organs…” so I often enjoy listening to the subtleties of how different layers of one’s system begin to sync up… Obviously, how a session unfolds really depends on how a client’s system is wishing to work, so it is our job to listen together. I am not the master that dictates the pace and way of working, but a mere facilitator that helps set up supportive conditions so that we can indeed listen together.


Contact me for current costs. This work tends to be unfortunately expensive due to all the costly trainings, however, for inclusivity’s sake I keep them below average. (Please be generous when able to afford standard rates, as it makes life easier)

On average I find that giving 75 minutes for sessions is often helpful. Especially so that there is both space to settle in, and for integration at the end.

Extra time is often also needed for the first session, because I find it helpful to give space for asking questions, and giving an opportunity to really understand the process.

To book a session or ask any questions, please use the contact page, email, or 723 074 885 (polish number)

CANCELLATION POLICY: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, so that if a session is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice, than no payment is due. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, than full payment is due unless due to an emergency. (However, for the first time, this may be waved given understandable circumstances)